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Interior design and furnishings


Since its creation in 1997 in Chambéry, the Amevet agency has been at the service of private individuals and professionals alike, assisting them with the layout, design, decoration, equipment and custom furnishing of their new or refurbished real estate projects. Our many references are both reassuring and inspiring: chalets, houses, apartments, hotels, tourist residences, stores, offices and workspaces…








Hotels & Residences




Other spaces


Interior architects, a coordinator, a job execution manager, a furnishing designer, a graphic designer, working closely with drawing offices, joiners, cabinet makers, stonemasons, iron crafters, upholsterers, painters, and general fitting-out trades…

A single byword: teamwork.

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A 4 stage procedure :


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Up to 5 trades at work :

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Interior architect

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Job execution

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Furnishing designer

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Space design and layout

We analyze the existing space or the construction project and propose layout and organization solutions to optimize the use of space and define the optimal circulation. If our advice is accepted, we enter a concrete design phase with plans, diagrams and visual renderings to illustrate our advice.

Choice of materials and finishes

We offer materials, floor coverings, paints, wall coverings, finishes, lighting, textiles and accessories to create the desired ambience and meet the aesthetic and functional criteria of the project.

Furniture selection and design

We ensure that the furniture, which can be made-to-measure, is perfectly adapted to the space and style required. As part of a comprehensive consultancy service, we ensure that it is ergonomic, aesthetically coherent and meets comfort requirements. From taking the measurements to disposing of the packaging, we provide a complete service.

Color and texture management.

We become decorators, creating coherent, harmonious visual atmospheres, proposing color palettes and texture combinations that reflect the desired aesthetic.

Choice of lighting

We design appropriate lighting solutions to enhance spaces, create ambience, improve functionality and optimize energy efficiency. We advise on appropriate luminaires, lighting systems and controls for implementation.

Coordination with other professionals and site supervision.

As part of our project management services (AMO), we can ensure site supervision, quality of execution and compliance with plans, deadlines and budgets, so that the project is completed in accordance with the agreed plans and specifications.

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Interior design for private customers

As an interior design company, we can turn your vision of a house, apartment or chalet into a reality. Working closely with you, we understand your needs, tastes, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. We then create a personalized design that reflects your personality and aspirations. We provide professional advice, space optimization, material and finish selection, project and budget management.

Chalet interior renovations

If Amevet Agency, based in Chambéry, Savoie, is recognized as an expert in the renovation of mountain chalets, it’s first and foremost for its ability to make the most of a sometimes restricted space, with specific layouts, special work… We know how to optimize every available square meter, proposing creative solutions to maximize living space, storage and overall chalet functionality. But we also know how to create warm, traditional or contemporary atmospheres, in harmony with exceptional landscapes, manage specific technical constraints and enhance the architectural heritage represented by certain mountain buildings.

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Architect for hotels and residences

When major developers, often based in the Chambéry, Annecy (Savoie Mont-Blanc) region, entrust us with a hotel or tourism residence project, we know how to create an immersive experience, in line with the establishment’s identity and concept. Our specific know-how includes optimizing spaces, arranging their functionality, developing a brand identity, as well as creating multi-purpose areas, swimming pools, wellness facilities, seminar rooms… All this enhances the appeal of the hotel or tourist residence, reinforcing its reputation and profitability.

Related services :

Restaurant furnishings

The Amevet agency has several restaurant developments to its credit, in Chambéry, Annecy and other cities, as well as in mountain resorts, mainly in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. On each occasion, she has applied her expertise to the design and layout of spaces, the creation of ambiences, the choice of materials and finishes, right through to the construction site or the supervision of specific works. Important: lighting and acoustics, as well as furniture, which must take into account the specific needs of restaurants: tables and chairs, bar seating, banquettes, etc.

We also know how to work with other professionals in the restaurant industry, so that the restaurant meets the specific requirements of the culinary concept, the functionality of the kitchen and its compliance with sanitary standards.

Auberge daillon et dailleurs restaurant

Where we operate

As interior architects, Agence Amevet works in the private sphere (houses, apartments), commercial spaces and public places.

Mountain projects are a particular area of expertise for Agence Amevet. Based in Chambéry, Savoie, the agency combines the general skills of an interior designer with in-depth knowledge of the mountain environment, the ability to optimize restricted spaces, expertise in thermal comfort and insulation, and mastery of appropriate materials… These specific qualities and skills enable us to design interiors that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and adapted to the unique conditions of mountain environments.

In our collaboration with tourism real estate professionals, we know how to deal with the non-negotiable demands of the seasonal calendar.


What can Amevet bring to my project?

Agence Amevet brings together specific, complementary professions: interior designers and furniture and decoration experts in particular. This type of workshop allows us to extend our design and engineering services to include the choice of furniture. A guarantee of the coherence and aesthetics of your project, from start to finish.

How are you remunerated?

Amevet guarantees you a transparent method of payment. You always know what you’re paying and why. In the specific field of furniture and decorative objects, you pay our services in fees and buy the products at list price.

How do you work?

The usual processes – customer meetings, preliminary design, final design, etc. – are combined with original materials and tools designed by our agency to help you make the right choice. If you entrust us with the task of assisting your project owner, we will monitor your worksite on an ongoing basis, to ensure that your project is architecturally compliant.

What is the role of an interior designer?

New or renovated, the role of an interior designer is to create aesthetically appealing, functional and safe interior spaces that are adapted to the needs and preferences of the customer. To achieve this, Agence Amevet works closely with its customers to understand their needs, tastes and objectives.

What's the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

An interior design company, such as Agence Amevet, hires staff with training that provides in-depth knowledge of the technical, structural and design aspects of interior space. While interior architects take a more conceptual and holistic approach, interior designers focus more on creating an appealing aesthetic, using decorative elements such as fabrics, paints, colors, patterns and accessories.

Why use an interior designer?

When you involve an interior design agency in your project, you can be sure of having specialized expertise in the design, layout and optimization of interior spaces. You’ll have a constant point of contact for personalized design and work. It means surrounding yourself with a team that can manage your project from A to Z, including furnishings, project management and site supervision. Finally, it means adding value to your property, so that when the time comes, you can sell it at a higher price.

Julia and Cédric

A home that reflects who we are" was the challenge we set Agence Amevet. The result exceeded our expectations: a singular property, perfectly proportioned volumes and rooms, an atmosphere that reflects us. The mission was all the more complex in that it had to satisfy mixed desires, between mountain and modern. Elodie, from the Amevet team, demonstrated creativity, availability and reliability from start to finish: our assurance of success!

La Panière

Well-designed stores put our customers in the best possible position to buy, and help to motivate our staff. However, it's not just a question of designing and replicating an identical concept store, but also of optimizing ever-changing surface areas, and adapting to specific catchment areas... If it's not tailor-made, it's far from ready-to-wear! Pierre François AMEVET and his team know how to listen to us, reformulate, bring in new ideas, manage construction sites and, in the end, translate our projects into reality.

HIGALIK**** Hotel, les Ménuires

Agence Amevet designed the interior architecture, as well as the selection, design, manufacture and installation of the furniture for the Higalik**** Hotel in Les Ménuires, which I manage. For all the hotel's interior spaces accessible to the public, they had a contract to design, decorate and furnish. Agence Amevet tries to offer the widest possible range of services, and knows how to do all that very well. It's great for us not to have to keep track of the total number of cabinets to be ordered, or to monitor and ensure delivery, or to not have to struggle with broken chairs. My overall assessment of their work is excellent. They are responsive, precise and very thorough. The plans were perfectly drawn up, the site supervision impeccable... In interior architecture and decorating, they know how to challenge themselves when necessary. With them, it's smooth and easy. Very professional, very well managed!