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When you call on our interior design agency to fit out or renovate a restaurant, you’re guaranteed specialized expertise, illustrated by the many references that testify to our experience in this field. Prestigious restaurants, hotel restaurants, concept restaurants, brasseries, café bars – we’ve been involved in almost every sector of the hotel and restaurant industry.

We give each project a distinctive visual identity and soul, translated into a unique and coherent concept, often in harmony with a theme: the type of cuisine or clientele, for example.

We take the utmost care to optimize space, because the layout of a restaurant requires meticulous planning to make the most of the available surface area. We propose efficient organization of service, dining, storage and kitchen areas, while ensuring customer comfort and ease of movement for staff. Our job is to maximize your restaurant’s capacity while creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

We understand the importance of lighting and acoustics. We’re also familiar with building standards, health regulations and safety requirements specific to the catering industry. We can help you comply with these regulations and obtain the necessary permits for your establishment to operate smoothly.

We know how to coordinate effectively with the various parties involved, including the other professionals involved (architects, craftsmen, etc.). We take the utmost care to ensure that budgets and deadlines are respected, so that the opening can take place on D-day, in an attractive, functional restaurant, in line with your objectives and vision, offering your customers a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

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Our interior architecture services for restaurants

Do you have a restaurant project in mind? Whether it’s a new creation or a renovation, our interior designers work closely with you to develop an overall concept, defining its atmosphere, style, theme and visual identity.
They draw up an effective layout and design plan, based on the space available. No area escapes their expert eye: service, dining, kitchen, toilets, storage, etc.

They guide you in the choice of materials, floor or wall coverings, adapted to the creation of the desired atmosphere, taking into account aesthetics, durability and sanitary standards Because lighting plays a crucial role in the customer experience, they design a lighting plan and choose fixtures that generate a warm atmosphere. They select and install furniture, taking into account comfort, style, functionality and ergonomics, to create a harmonious layout.

Depending on your needs, your vision and your desire for a unique, personalized identity, our interior design agency can design bespoke elements such as bar counters, banquettes, shelving, display units or any other specific element. If you’d like us to provide project management assistance, we’ll monitor and manage your project through to completion, working closely with contractors, craftsmen and all suppliers.

Setting the mood for an unforgettable gastronomic experience for your customers

By combining different elements, interior architecture creates an overall atmosphere that arouses emotions, stimulates the senses and amplifies the gastronomic experience.

At Agence Amevet, after defining the visual identity of the venue and translating it into signs, colors, materials and motifs, we seek to install a truly immersive atmosphere by working on lighting, acoustics, or even setting up special zones.

We use lighting techniques to highlight key areas of the restaurant, create plays of light and shadow, and adjust light intensity to different times of the day or evening. To ensure that the sound environment is always pleasant, we control ambient noise and its reverberation, and organize sound absorption to avoid distractions and encourage pleasant conversations between guests.

We also know how to create special environments, with their own ambience, to meet specific needs: private spaces for events, intimate corners for couples, open areas for groups, lively bar areas, and so on.

Services for all professionals

We provide a complete range of services – aesthetic and technical spatial design, decoration, furniture layout, coordination – for all types of catering.

In 2022 / 2023, we worked on two hotel restaurants in Savoie: the Auberge D’Aillon et D’Ailleurs and the Higalik****. The fitting-out of the Brick House brasserie illustrates our expertise in other types of project, such as bars, cafés and snack areas.

Customized furniture and decor: give your restaurant a unique identity

Contemporary, traditional, vintage… to embody a restaurant concept, an establishment style, to give a unique identity to a project, we often resort to made-to-measure furniture and decoration. They confer exclusivity, set a restaurant apart from the competition, and provide that little detail that customers remember. These can include customized banquettes, unique lighting fixtures, specially designed tables, or any other element that adds a distinctive, memorable touch.

Unique furniture and decor can also reinforce your brand identity, if they incorporate visual elements: your logo, your color code, or design elements that reflect your company’s values and image. They can also play an important role in optimizing space, as they are designed to fit into corners, disappear in front of traffic, etc. Ergonomic seating and tables at the right height all contribute to improving the customer experience.

Often, we use bespoke furniture and decoration to reflect local history and culture. This can include using traditional materials, acquiring objects from local crafts, reusing original architectural elements. This creates an exclusive connection with the place and tells a unique story through interior design.

From conception to completion: our process for transforming your restaurant into an exceptional venue

It all starts with your vision! What kind of experience do you want to offer your customers? Then we contribute our ideas and methods.

It all starts with meetings and questions. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the space you have, or the existing establishment you want to renovate? How can current trends be taken into account? What resources are you investing, for what expected financial return? Where do you benchmark: in examples of exceptional restaurants, on social networks, in magazines?

Then we build the fundamentals of your unique identity. What are the sources of inspiration: your location, your history, your culinary specialties, your team, etc.? Together, we consider how these aspects can be integrated into the concept and design of your restaurant.

Our interior architects then develop a strong concept that, to be coherent, will carry through from the interior design to the menu design. We then start working on the plans, to achieve the best possible layout. The key words here are functionality, circulation, flow management…

Afterwards, Agence Amevet can offer you a project management service to guide and control the layout of your project right up to the big day of opening.

Questions about our services

Why should I hire an interior designer for my restaurant?

By entrusting us with the design and realization of your restaurant project, you benefit from our professional expertise and the experience proven by our various references. These two strengths are embodied in our ability to create a unique identity and optimize spaces and workflows. We’re with you every step of the way, from initial concept to final implementation, with the customer experience as our top priority.

How do I choose the right interior designer for my restaurant?

Here are five rules for choosing the right interior designer:

  • The working relationship. We are able to establish a rigorous but friendly connection with our clients and the other stakeholders involved.
  • Experience. We understand the specific challenges of designing a restaurant, such as space management, workflow optimization, and creating an atmosphere conducive to the gastronomic experience. Our restaurateur clients can attest to this.
  • References. From brasseries to hotel restaurants, to snacking areas, we prove our know-how.
  • Consistency. We know how to align the style with the desired vision. We invite you to visit our different projects incognito.
  • Project management skills. We have a solid reputation for meeting deadlines and managing budgets.

What are the stages in the restaurant interior design process?

Each project is unique, but to avoid pitfalls, we advise you to take the utmost care in these phases.

  • Space planning.
  • Selection of materials and finishes.
  • Lighting and acoustics.
  • Choice and arrangement of furniture.
  • Consistency in visual identity.
  • Coordination and flow of information with all stakeholders.
  • Compliance with current regulations and standards.

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