HALL 22 – Interior architecture and furniture for a sports / wellbeing / restaurant / seminar complex in Charvieu-Chavagnieux (38)

Built in Charvieu-Chavagnieux, close to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport and on the outskirts of the Lyon conurbation, Hall 22 is a 2,000 m2 facility offering a complete sports and well-being experience: bodybuilding, fitness, cross training, aqua bike, squash, group classes, etc. It also has a restaurant and seminar rooms.

The owners and promoters of this multi-activity complex, whose guiding principle is “balance between body and mind”, work as a family. Several generations have contributed to the success of a project that aims to respect environmental standards as far as possible. The sustainability of the project is reflected in the use of local materials, photovoltaic panels, external insulation, French-made equipment, local production for the restaurant and the most frugal possible day-to-day management. ”

Entrance hall and restaurant

Agence Amevet’s interior architects, Léa and Maelle, designed and fitted out the restaurant and the entrance hall, described as the “central street” because it serves all areas of the establishment. The owners of the restaurant drew inspiration from the atmosphere created by the agency to design and decorate the other areas.

We wanted to create a unique identity, designed in a simple but thoughtful way”, explain our two interior designers. The aim was to offer a specific environment, to give customers a good reason to come, despite the sometimes remote location. We made sure that the style of the building, which is rather industrial, was respected, for example by leaving the networks visible…”.

In the restaurant, which seats 62 people, we opted for a small brasserie style, with a winter garden, using high-quality materials and beautiful solid oak fittings. Aesthetics and acoustics have been carefully studied to ensure the well-being and comfort of our guests, mainly business customers. For this refurbishment, we capitalised on our expertise in interior design and restaurant furniture.

Nos services pour les restaurateurs

Traffic flow and simplified layout

In the Hall 22 project, Agence Amevet devoted a great deal of time to designing the flows between the different areas. The agency had to provide answers to numerous operational questions, relating to the permanent flow of customers who came for different reasons: integration of the restaurant, which also had to preserve its autonomy, multifunctional reception, installation of a bar/snack bar in the entrance hall, facilitating staff work, etc.

It was a complex project. We had to do a lot of work on the circulation and layout, but it was a pleasant experience. In the end, we succeeded in giving the site its own well-thought-out identity, using simple things. We managed to satisfy everyone and overcome the difficulties within budget !

Furniture mission

The second part of the job entrusted to Agence Amevet involved furnishing the restaurant, the hall with its bar/snack bar, and a mezzanine giving access to the seminar rooms.

Charlotte, the agency’s furniture expert, quickly set out the framework for the assignment. “Our client wanted furniture that was functional and adaptable to all types of events. Large events, with lots of people standing up, requiring the furniture to be able to be put away or stacked quickly and easily. More intimate events, where small groups come together for a drink…“.

To this we had to add constraints such as the use of fabrics resistant to sweat or the most diverse tasks. Not to mention, of course, the budget and the obligations inherent in establishments open to the public….

The approach and service provided

Agence Amevet, which has made furniture one of its specialities, has defined three selection criteria for furniture designed to serve the multifunctional purpose of the premises.

  • An industrial/urban feel in the reception area.
  • A winter garden to enhance the restaurant’s softness and comfort.
  • Laminated wood tables to link the two spaces.

To reflect these aims, we made a number of suggestions for armchairs, tables, chairs, side tables and reception desks. We did a lot of research among second-hand dealers and our suppliers. We took our client to a showroom to see the finishes on the tables and test the seats. We held meetings around the material boards, to show and get a feel for the finishes of the tables, the fabrics of the chairs, the materials used for the fittings, the choice of curtains… In the end, we chose comfortable and functional ranges, sometimes with a style reminiscent of old bistros. Oak was chosen for its aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Project Management Assistance

The story would not be complete without mentioning the monitoring of the various works, resulting from Agence Amevet’s dual interior architecture/furniture remit.

For Hall 22, as in many other projects, the client entrusted us with project management assistance (AMO), carried out by Samuel, one of our site experts.

He complemented our team well, enabling this magnificent building with its large windows to emerge from the ground in a discreet location and become a meeting place that is as dynamic as it is aesthetically pleasing.


25 September 2023




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