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One of Agence Amevet’s main areas of expertise is interior architecture, design and furniture selection for high-end and luxury chalets. This is borne out by the numerous references, both new and renovated, in which we have been involved in recent years. This type of space, which is very different from houses and apartments, also calls for a specific style of decoration, with traditional or contemporary overtones.


The Amevet spirit can be found in chalets, both new and old, in the biggest winter sports resorts, in Méribel and the 3 Valleys, in Les 2 Alpes, in Haute-Savoie, in the Hautes-Alpes, etc. Major French and Italian interior design magazines have devoted articles to our passion for wood.


Amevet, mountain atmosphere creator

You can’t improvise yourself as a creator of mountain ambience and design without possessing a combination of technical and aesthetic skills. Over the years, Agence Amevet has acquired a particular sensitivity to the style and authenticity of these habitats. We’ve developed a fine-tuned understanding of the harmony specific to chalets. Enhancing natural materials such as wood, stone and metal to create warm, rustic charm has become second nature to us.

It plays an essential role in creating a warm, welcoming and harmonious atmosphere with an environment composed of forest, alpine meadows, rocks and snow. Here are the key elements that allow Agency Amevet to find inspiration.

  • The use of natural materials, such as wood, stone and metal. Exposed beams, solid wood flooring, stone fireplaces, rustic metal elements create an authentic atmosphere.
  • Warm and earthy tones, inspired by nature, such as browns, greens, reds and oranges create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Touches of white and cream balance and bring light.
  • The choice of thick and textured materials such as wool, linen, tweed for curtains, cushions, plaids and rugs.
  • Warm and dim lighting, which candles and lanterns contribute to make intimate.
  • Floral or animal motifs… Tree branches, stones, bouquets of wild flowers, synthetic animal skins, paintings depicting mountain landscapes can add an authentic touch… Local handicraft products…

Furniture should be both comfortable and durable. Agence Amevet favors soft sofas and armchairs with durable coverings in the living room, solid wood dining tables and, in the bedrooms, comfortable beds with upholstered or carved wood headboards. Vintage or antique furniture often fits in very well.

The interior renovation of a mountain chalet, or a house in this style, aims to modernize, improve and transform the appearance and functionality of the property’s interior space. The work goes far beyond the search for warm decor. It includes updating finishes, reconfiguring and optimizing spaces, improving insulation and energy efficiency, and adapting to the needs and tastes of the owners. Agence Amevet has developed specific know-how for these comprehensive assignments!

Your expert in chalet design and decoration

Agence Amevet’s main asset is our in-depth knowledge of the specific features of chalets, our sensitivity to their style, our ability to optimize space, create a warm atmosphere and integrate sustainable elements. We emphasize traditional or natural materials, such as wood, stone, metal and leather, because we appreciate their sensoriality. Our understanding of climatic constraints and our knowledge of the particular topography of the mountains lead us to make the right decisions in terms of materials and panoramic views.

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Very importantly, we master tight spaces because, in a chalet, you need to be able to maximize the use of every available square meter, by proposing ingenious solutions to create intelligent storage, multifunctional spaces and fluid circulation. This can include the creation of storage spaces for ski equipment, the layout of a boot room, the design of an après-ski relaxation area, a media room, and so on. We also need to be able to create warm, welcoming atmospheres, using appropriate colors, materials and textures. Finally, we are very sensitive to climate issues. This leads us to propose environmentally-friendly solutions, such as the use of recycled or local materials, the integration of energy-saving systems and the promotion of responsible construction and renovation.

Wooden furniture with an authentic design

For Agence Amevet, furniture selection and installation are a natural extension of the interior design profession. For our customers’ high-end, luxury mountain chalets, we focus on furniture that reflects the elegance, comfort and charm of the mountain environment. First and foremost, high quality solid wood pieces: large dining tables, soft chairs, storage, wardrobes, beds, bookcases… Lounge areas should be furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs, with distressed leather, suede, thick and textured fabrics. Wool cushions and plaids add a touch of warmth and luxury. Coffee tables and consoles in natural materials such as wood, stone or patinated metal complete the mountain ambience.
Lighting fixtures play an essential role in creating a warm, sophisticated atmosphere. These include imposing chandeliers, wall sconces with fabric or delicately tinted glass shades, and table or floor lamps in natural materials.


How to fit out a wooden chalet?

Agence Amevet’s advice… Optimize the use of space, by deploying integrated storage solutions, multifunctional furniture… Enhance wooden elements, such as exposed beams, wood siding or parquet flooring. Play with natural light. Create a cocooning atmosphere with soft, warm lighting, dimmable fixtures, table lamps and candles to add a subdued glow. Incorporate authentic elements: wooden accessories, wool, cushions and plaids in warm tones and nature-inspired patterns. Create cozy relaxation areas, cozy nooks with comfortable armchairs and soft rugs to create hospitable lounging spaces.  

How do you transform your home into a chalet?

Here are a few ideas and tips from Agence Amevet, but you can also check them out on our website or Pinterest! Use natural materials: wood, stone, etc. Opt for a warm color palette. Install a stove or fireplace to add an extra source of warmth and create a distinctive focal point in your home. Choose authentic furniture, rustic pieces with aged or patinated wood finishes, for example. Add mountain decorations: paintings, baskets, candles, furs… Take care with lighting, with warm lamps and fixtures that diffuse soft light. Set up comfortable, cocooning corners to create welcoming relaxation areas.

How do you modernize a wooden chalet?

Update finishes: bright wall tones, modified floor coverings, a mix of neutral and bright colors, sanding existing wood to give a more contemporary look… Opt for furniture with clean, contemporary shapes. Choose pieces with simple lines and modern materials such as metal, glass and leather. This will create an interesting contrast with the wood. Replace traditional light fittings with modern ones: minimalist pendant lights, wall sconces, contemporary table lamps, LED lighting… Incorporate contemporary materials: glass in staircase railings, metal for an industrial aesthetic. Reconfigure the space, by demolishing certain partitions to allow better circulation and interaction between the different living areas.

How to furnish your chalet?

It’s important to create a balance between comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Take your inspiration from our ideas, tips and advice, see our website or our Pinterest account… Wrap yourself up in cozy sofas and plush armchairs. Embellish with wool or faux fur plaids and cushions for the perfect cosy ambience. Think practical with clever storage elements: shelves, drawers, cupboards. Add a central coffee table with patina finishes for an extra touch of charm. Don’t forget comfortable textiles: thick curtains in natural fabrics, soft, thick rugs, cushions and plaids in wool or faux fur. Nature-inspired patterns, such as checks or animals, will add a mountain touch to the ensemble. Let yourself be seduced by the warmth of modern decor, where wood reigns supreme and comfort is king.

How to create a cottage atmosphere?

Agence Amevet’s interior designers will tell you: there’s no such thing as a ready-made recipe for creating a chalet atmosphere, only a spirit and ingredients! In order or disorder: natural materials, warm, earthy tones, rustic elements, the presence of a fireplace or stove, soft lighting, comfortable textiles, decorative elements with motifs inspired by the mountain environment…

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