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We define luxury as a high level of style, quality, refinement, exclusivity and exceptional experience. We believe that luxury interior design should go beyond the creation and layout of high-end, functional spaces to offer an aesthetic, personalized and memorable experience. Whether new or renovated, this form of exclusive design can be applied to an apartment, a house, a chalet, a hotel, a restaurant or a tourist residence.

Our luxury interior design services

For a decorator specializing in luxury, attention to finish and detail is of the utmost importance. We use subtle architectural details, discreet ornamentation and elegant patterns to add a touch of sophistication. Unique decorative elements, such as works of art, sculptures and handcrafted pieces, create a personalized ambience in a home. Lighting also plays a key role in creating a warm atmosphere. Carefully selected lighting fixtures, such as designer lamps and elegant wall sconces, are used to subtly illuminate spaces and enhance their features.

Luxury interior renovation means transforming an existing space into an exceptional environment. Our conviction is that, above all, it’s about creating a unique and personalized space, based on the owner’s needs and tastes. Tailor-made “plus, plus” in a way! That’s why our team gives priority to refined, top-quality materials, for their aesthetic appeal and durability. We recommend state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for exceptional comfort and convenience. We offer lighting solutions that create subtle plays of light and highlight architectural details. Technically and aesthetically, we know how to integrate fireplaces, spas, bathrooms, huge dressing rooms, wine cellars, private cinema rooms and other elements that add a touch of opulence. Last but not least, we pay the utmost attention to details and finishing touches, supervising the work if you entrust us with a project management contract.

The aim is to create an exceptional, refined and totally personalized environment. In all our projects, we focus on careful spatial planning to optimize the use of available square meters. We combine proportions, visual balances, fluid circulation and the enhancement of architectural elements to create a harmonious and exclusive atmosphere. We favor stone, wood, leather, fabrics and noble metals. They provide a luxurious aesthetic, rich texture and exceptional durability. We recommend designer furniture and accessories, and sophisticated lighting fixtures. We choose high-quality accessories for their striking aesthetics and their contribution to a luxurious ambience. To provide exceptional comfort and convenience, we can select state-of-the-art technological equipment, home automation systems, sophisticated air-conditioning and heating solutions. We know how to integrate wellness facilities such as spas, private gyms or home cinemas, to meet the needs and comfort requirements of occupants.

Our latest prestige projects

Our latest premium projects include Les Chalets de Tueda, in MĂ©ribel, where Agence Amevet has been involved in several apartments. In Les Arcs, another chalet entirely fitted out by us was described as “a corner of paradise in French Savoie” by the prestigious Italian decorating magazine Ville et Casali. Also in France, the Higalik HĂ´tel**** project in Les MĂ©nuires and the Auberge D’Aillon et D’Ailleurs project in the Bauges region of Savoie, to be delivered between 2022 and 2023, embody the maturity of Agence Amevet’s interior architecture expertise in the hotel and tourism-residence sectors.

Our projects

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Expertise in decoration and design

Expertise in decoration and design involves several skills that we are happy to offer our customers. First of all, knowledge of trends. Each of our decorators keeps abreast of developments in the field of top-level design. This includes an understanding of current styles and aesthetics, as well as the ability to anticipate future trends. Other required skills include a mastery of luxurious finishes, a sensitivity to detail and the ability to execute work with extreme precision. The ability to create tailor-made, exclusive solutions for each customer, right down to the design of unique pieces, including furniture, with specialized craftsmen and manufacturers, is in our DNA. So is the ability to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. We are convinced that, especially in France, true luxury is timeless, resisting ephemeral trends and spanning generations.

Customized solutions for every project

Luxury is about authenticity, exclusivity… and rarity. It must offer unique experiences, personalized services and a sense of the exceptional. Our conviction is that there can be no premium without solutions that are customized to the extreme. We believe that tailor-made architecture implies a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences, as well as a meticulous analysis of what already exists. It’s all about finding the exact point of intersection between the functional requirements of a place and the personality of the customer. This applies to private residences, apartments, houses and chalets, hotels, restaurants and shops.

High-quality materials and finishes

France is the land of noble, high-quality materials, which bring rich texture, luxurious aesthetics and exceptional durability. Our team of interior designers has in-depth knowledge of their properties. We appreciate their refined aesthetics and their ability to create luxurious ambiences. Precious woods and metals, natural stones, high-quality glass, opulent textiles, special wall coverings in carved wood panels, leather or stretched fabric… we know how to integrate them harmoniously into your projects.

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Interior renovation can be considered an “art”, when a project is approached with a creative and artistic vision. Design is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics, requiring creative thinking to find solutions that meet practical needs, while creating a visually appealing aesthetic. At Agence Amevet, we believe that interior renovation should engage the senses and emotions, through elements such as color, texture, light, shapes, materials and layout.

auberge d aillon et d ailleurs restaurant 2

Modernization and space optimization

To modernize and optimize a space, here are some rules that guide our work:

  • Assessing the existing space, its strengths, weaknesses, and structural constraints.
  • Forming clear objectives, such as improving functionality or energy efficiency, introducing a contemporary design, etc.
  • Reorganizing the space, taking into account traffic flows, natural light, and functional areas.
  • Integrating smart technology solutions to improve comfort, security, and energy efficiency.
  • Adopting a clean design, which eliminates unnecessary elements and promotes a sense of spaciousness and clarity.
  • Including smart and well-thought-out storage solutions to maximize storage space, reduce clutter, and maintain visual order, etc.

Harmony between aesthetics and functionality

For Agence Amevet, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality is the essential challenge in any interior design project. Solving it means creating a balance between the visual appearance and practical utility of a space. This requires an in-depth analysis of activities and traffic flows. Harmonizing aesthetics and functionality requires a thoughtful approach and a thorough understanding of user needs, combined with judicious choices in terms of layout, lighting and furniture.

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Customized fittings

Agence Amevet’s conviction is that it is always possible to adopt a unique creative expression and an individualized approach that responds precisely and exclusively to the customer’s needs and desires. All our projects are different, whether they’re houses, apartments or commercial spaces, because all their owners are different!

Optimizing ergonomics and traffic flow

To optimize ergonomics and circulation in a living space, it’s essential to take account of occupants’ activities and movements. Activity analysis helps define functional zones and organize the layout accordingly. By analyzing movements, we can create traffic flows, optimize distances and minimize obstacles. Another challenge to which we pay particular attention is the adaptation of heights and the use of vertical space.

Unique ambience creation

A unique ambience is a sensory and emotional experience that arouses strong feelings in occupants or visitors. It is the result of a harmonious blend of elements such as design, lighting, colors, materials, textures, smells and sounds. We believe that to create a unique ambience, it’s essential to capture the essence of the place and translate it into a specific creative vision.


How much does a luxury interior designer cost?

Like architects, interior designers are generally paid a percentage of the project budget. In the case of a luxury interior design project, Agence Amevet can, if you wish, deviate from this rule and propose a fee-based remuneration. These fees correspond to the time spent, which includes meetings with the client, research, planning, design, coordination with other professionals and supervision of the work, if you entrust us with an AMO (Assistance Ă  MaĂ®trise d’Ouvrage). In the specific field of furniture and decorative objects, you pay for our services in fees, and you can be sure of buying products at list price. In all cases, we guarantee a transparent method of remuneration, based on a binding contract between the two parties, right from the start of the project. 

What is the role of an architectural firm?

As an interior architecture firm, Agence Amevet works on the design and planning of new or renovated interiors, focusing on the aesthetic, functional and ergonomic aspects of the interior and its layout. To achieve this, we deploy skills in areas as diverse as the selection of colors, textures, furniture and accessories to create attractive and functional interior environments.

Why call in an interior designer?

Carrying out an interior architecture project alone requires in-depth expertise in design, construction, project management and coordination with the various parties involved. In the case of a premium or luxury project, these requirements are taken to the extreme. It seems to us, then, that calling on an interior design agency like ours is the best, if not the only, solution to protect you from uncontrolled expenditure, stress commensurate with what’s at stake, and unintentional damage to your property, house, apartment, chalet, hotel or residence!

How does an interior design agency work?

Agence Amevet is one of the few interior design agencies to bring together, in the same place, different professions, all belonging to the great family of design: interior architects, experts in furniture and decorative objects, graphic designers specializing in brand identity and signage. This wealth of talent means we operate as a team, based on dialogue and constant interaction. Over the years, these exchanges have produced decision-making tools that are uniquely our own. This originality does not prevent us from following the usual steps, in particular meetings with our customers to discuss their needs, objectives, budgets and constraints. We carry out an in-depth assessment of the existing space, including measurements, photos and analysis of architectural constraints. Based on the information gathered, we then draw up plans, preliminary designs (APS), final designs (APD) and all the standard documents of the profession. In terms of construction and site supervision, we offer our customers project management assistance.

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