Client feedback

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“They showed great ability to listen and adapt to constraints, be they budget-, site-, or schedule-related. The team is very responsive under pressure and professional in its coordination of outside contractors, procurement, restocking.”

Patrick Jacolin, former operations manager with property developer Eiffage Immobilier, speaking about his collaboration with Agence Amevet in the layout, equipping, and decoration of 150 new apartments in a 4-star tourist residence–“Le Coeur des Loges”–in the Les Ménuires resort.

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“Well designed shops put our customers in the best possible mood for buying and contribute to the motivation of our staff. But we don’t just set out to replicate a “concept store”, identical across every branch, but to optimize areas that are different in every case, to adapt to catchment areas that all feature their own peculiarity. The shops might not be completely bespoke but they are still a long way from out-of-the-box. Pierre-François Amevet and his team know how to listen, reformulate, input new ideas, manage projects, and—the crux of the matter—translate our intentions to reality.”

Pascal Cantenot, CEO of La Panière, a chain of 35 bakery shops in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Pays de Gex, all in France.

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“Pierre-François Amevet is reassuring, patient, and composed. He has natural authority but that doesn’t stop him being a good listener. His qualities have been a great help to us in complicated situations on several occasions. We have total confidence in him because he gets right to the bottom of his client’s wishes, achieving his complete adhesion in terms of materials and colours without wasting a second of his time. Quite frankly, he is intelligent, interesting, and looking beyond the work context, he has brought us a lot on the human side.”

Annie and Philippe Leboucher, talking about their brasserie in Val d’Isère, then about a hotel-restaurant, and a second brasserie in Ile de Ré, jobs entrusted to Agence Amevet.

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“I called on Pierre-François Amevet to renovate and rationalize our apartment in Val Thorens. We wanted to remodel certain areas and keep others. He really listened to us and was able to make the most of all the areas, while digging right down to the details and surprising us with his ideas. The project and the work that needed doing were very well managed and the execution was a great success. I’m delighted to be able to recommend Pierre-François and his team!”

Caroline Rochias, CEO of SAS GOITSCHEL SPORT in Val Thorens.

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“Pierre-François Amevet and all of his team accompanied us from fledgling idea right through to final delivery. You can look at drawings and impressions and they all look great, but there’s always “what’ll it be like for real?” at the back of your mind. And then, Wow, it turns out exactly as we’d seen in our minds. They listened to us relentlessly from beginning to end and materialized the vital points in the specification perfectly, in terms of modernity and above all the respect of Les Arcs spirit. They also made creative use of every margin of manoeuvre open to them, especially in the choice of materials.”

Laurence Regnier, of Compagnie des Alpes, initiator of the interior layout and decoration project in five high-class apartments—“Les Balcons du Chantel”— at Arc 1800.