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Agence Amevet designs interiors that reflect the natural charm of the mountains and the lifestyle of their occupants. Our creations, which can be viewed on our website or Pinterest account, and our customer references in prestigious resorts such as Courchevel and Megève, testify to our team’s commitment to creating exceptional places for sharing in the heart of the massifs. Whether you’re looking to renovate a mountain farmhouse, fit out or decorate your chalet, house or apartment in chalet style, we’ll bring a unique touch to your project, creating a space that captures the spirit and timeless elegance of the mountains.

Entrust us with your interior design project in the mountains

  • All of our interior designers are well-educated and have pursued higher education in their field.
  • They have a solid understanding of architecture, construction, renovation, design principles, spatial structure, building regulations, and current regulations.
  • They master design software, as well as 3D rendering and visualization software, to provide renders that are as accurate as they are realistic.
  • They are very sensitive to styles and trends that they follow with passion.
  • They know how to effectively manage large projects, coordinate the different stakeholders (artisans, suppliers, etc.), keep deadlines and budgets…
  • They enjoy communicating with their clients and understand how to anticipate technical constraints and translate their expectations into practical and aesthetic solutions.
  • They offer environmentally friendly solutions and have knowledge of sustainable and ecological practices in construction and design.
  • Even the youngest of them have an enviable experience in the design and renovation of luxury chalets.
Nos services pour transformer votre chalet

Our services to transform your chalet

  • The study office, at the base of the interior designer’s profession. This includes the analysis of the existing or the project to be built, the design of the global image, the optimized layout of the different spaces, the creation of zones dedicated to relaxation, work, leisure, the organization of flows between the rooms…
  • The choice of materials and equipment: floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, doors, windows, lighting solutions and selection of suitable luminaires…
  • The decoration, with the choice of color palettes, fabrics, textures and patterns… Proposals concerning accessories such as paintings, carpets, curtains, decorative objects…
  • The furniture, with the research, selection, implantation of furniture adapted to the style and functionality of each room, taking into account the available space and the needs of the occupants.

A change in stages

Here are some essential steps in the interior design of a chalet.

  • Assessment of needs and objectives.
  • Study of the existing space and taking into account the architectural and technical constraints.
  • Preliminary draft (APS): a preliminary design, which may include layout plans, sketches, moodboards…
  • Adjustments, made based on the client’s feedback, in order to achieve a final vision that meets their expectations.
  • The final draft (APD) details the latest changes. This can go as far as the choice of materials, finishes, flooring, wall coverings, lighting, furniture and accessories.
  • The preparation of documents necessary for the implementation of the project, such as execution plans, estimates, technical specifications, elevations and construction details. These documents serve as a reference for craftsmen and contractors.
  • The rest depends on what the client has entrusted us with. In case of assistance to the client (AMO), the mission continues until the delivery and installation of all elements, in accordance with the plans.

The qualities that we like to highlight:

  • We master and know how to work with and on all the main technical data: insulation, heating system, consideration of structural study, technical ducts, ventilation, technical screeds, technical knowledge of materials, equipment, fire safety regulations, people with reduced mobility (PMR), SPS coordination (Health and Safety), building permit application, prior work permit, etc.
  • Our interior designers have a wealth of experience in active listening and “co-construction” of projects with our clients. They excel in exchanges, both rigorous and friendly, which allow us to understand their expectations, tastes, constraints. An essential step in the establishment of a clear vision of the project!

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A style all your own and a unique ambience

Agence Amevet designs and furnishes chalets that look like you, starting from the style that touches you the most.

  • “Traditional”, with “raw” elements, natural materials, characteristic architectural details such as exposed beams, small-paned windows and sloping roofs.
  • “Contemporary”, with clean lines, panoramic windows to maximize mountain views and avant-garde design touches.
  • “Prestige”, with high-end finishes, refined materials, open and bright spaces, elegant furniture… inspired by the lifestyle of high-end resorts, such as Megève or Courchevel.
  • “Scandinavian”, guided by Nordic design, its minimalist aesthetics, its hygge philosophy…

In all styles and blends of styles, we know how to adapt your project to the constraints and opportunities generally offered or imposed by chalets. Maximization of mountain views, thermal insulation management, choice of aesthetic and adapted materials, integration of comfort and relaxation elements, installation of storage rooms for sports equipment, or equipment dedicated to a convivial recovery such as sauna or jacuzzi…

Without forgetting the optimization of spaces, which must combine functionality and aesthetics by valuing every square centimeter, as a chalet, as well as a resort apartment, generally has a limited floor space.


How much do interior designers charge?

Remuneration can be based on a percentage of the overall budget. We also offer remuneration based on time spent, which we evaluate before embarking on the project. Time spent includes meetings with the customer, research, design, planning and coordination with other professionals, such as engineering consultants. Supervision of the work, if the agency is entrusted with project management assistance (AMO), is the subject of a detailed estimate. In the specific field of furniture and decorative objects, services are also invoiced on a fee basis, guaranteeing that you purchase the products at list price. In all cases, our contracts guarantee total transparency in terms of remuneration.

Which wood to choose for a cottage interior?

We use different types of wood, depending on the aesthetics and specific needs of the project. We also pay close attention to wood treatment and finishing to enhance durability and appearance. Spruce is an elegant wood, appreciated for its strength and fine grain. It can be used for wall cladding, ceilings and floors. Cedar, with its reddish-brown color and pleasant scent, is an aromatic, durable wood that is highly resistant to humidity, making it a suitable choice for mountain environments. Oak is noble, durable and timeless. It brings elegance and sophistication to furniture, doors, staircases… Walnut is a precious wood, rich in nuance. It is used in high-end design elements such as panelling, tables and cupboards. It adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the interior of a prestigious chalet.

How to decorate the interior of a chalet?

Decorating a chalet is a delicate balance between tradition and modernity, authentic classic and contemporary. Avoid cluttering rooms with too much furniture or accessories. Let the space breathe, to enhance the beauty of the materials and textures used. Choose decorative objects that subtly evoke the mountain atmosphere, without ever overloading any space. In short, emphasize quality over quantity. Our advice will guide you.

How to create a cottage atmosphere?

The creation of a cottage atmosphere can also involve a house, an apartment or the renovation of an old farmhouse. In every case, there are essential elements that must be carefully considered: colors, materials and textiles, warm lighting, distinctive architectural elements (beams, fireplaces, floors), typical decorative objects…

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