Pierre-François Amevet

Interior architect, founder and director of Agence Amevet

pierre francois amevet portrait amevetIn his childhood and adolescence, he accompanied his father, a site joiner/building mason, and his grandfather, a forestry worker, in their jobs. Direct contact with the trade having whetted his appetite, he trained as a joiner before becoming an interior architect.

In 1997, he created his own interior architecture bureau and proceeded to build a close-knit team—sensitive, expert, curious, and pragmatic.

Together with them, he shares the taste for a job well done, respect for manual adeptness, love of shapes and materials, all passed on to him by his family.

Since teamwork was second nature to him, he built his own dream team of talented, reliable craft contractors, whom he considers his ambassadors and with whom he stays in touch throughout the project.

Right from the first meeting with a client, he describes the essentials—atmosphere, lead times, budget, operating method—without ever hiding any potential pitfalls. Then, from summary draft project right through to handover, he remains the key intermediary, the person who holds the whole project together even in pressure situations.

The staff

Interior architects, coordinator, job execution manager, furnishing designer, graphic designer, and others.

When it comes to layout, fitting out, renovation, design, or decoration, they excel in adapting to the clients’ wishes, offering customized projects, surprising them by reaching beyond the norms. They are creative, passionate, keep a close eye on trends, attend trade shows, read specialist trade magazines and websites. But they’re also ready to lend a hand stripping down hundreds of bed quilts delivered by mistake. “They are serious workers who share the same values as mine. They do a fine job and see it through to the end with modesty and thoroughness”—that’s what Agence Amevet’s founder and director, Pierre-François Amevet, has to say about his staff.

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Our partners

They come in the shape of joiners, cabinetmakers, stonemasons, iron crafters, upholsterers, painters, drywallers, drawing offices, and more besides.

Put wood, stone, metal, glass, wool, leather, fur, or a drawing board in front of them, and they invest straightaway in our passion for a job well done. Their know-how, their sense of aesthetics, their ideas and suggestions, their in-depth knowledge of materials help us succeed and have been an inspiration to us for many a year. Whether a job involves layout, fitting out, renovation, styling, or decoration, from design to delivery, we accompany it down to the last detail with precision project management.

All the photos shown here were taken of our craft contractor partners
in their workshops or on one of our work sites. We thank them for their availability, loyalty, and talent.

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