Interior design and renovation company: Agence Amevet manages from A to Z

Agence Amevet has a complete team on hand for every stage of an interior design project. Our references demonstrate our experience in both new-build and renovation projects, in the mountains and in the city, serving both private clients (chalets, houses, apartments) and corporate clients (hotels, restaurants, offices). We can act as a design office, but also as a layout, design, decoration, furniture and showroom expert, and as a project manager’s assistant for site management and works supervision.

Why call on our interior design company?

First and foremost, for our values! Never before have we felt such cohesion within our team. The men and women who make it up complement each other, collaborate and progress. Our different professions interweave, influence and enrich each other.

A taste for beauty, realism and down-to-earth common sense guide us, while the breath of human values drives us forward. We give our opinions in simple, clear, concrete language. The responsibility of each and every one of us, towards our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, is a cardinal virtue.

The sincerity of our environmental commitments is indisputable. It is already embodied in our knowledge of bio-sourced materials, our selection of innovative and committed service providers, our learning of new construction methods…

Behind every project (chalet, house, apartment, hotel, tourist residence, store, office), we see first and foremost shared spaces to which we give or give back life!

Furnish your home, choose furniture to suit your tastes

Being an interior design agency specializing in furniture requires a methodical commitment. The first step is to define the objectives of the service: customized advice and guidance, furniture selection (up to and including kitchen and bathroom furniture), supplier management (quotations, orders), coordination of deliveries, installation according to pre-defined plans… It is obviously necessary to surround yourself with competent professionals: Agence Amevet has 4 of them. Establishing processes with the agency’s other trades, customers and manufacturers ensures that the overall design concept is translated into reality.

We attach great importance to establishing solid relationships with quality suppliers, because this is the basis for advantageous contracts and respect for costs and deadlines. We use project management software, planning, task tracking and resource management tools that benefit all stakeholders, first and foremost our customers.

Amevet offers you a complete fitting service

  • Renovation
  • Furnishing and layout
  • Furniture
  • Decoration

We design, plan and execute custom projects that transform and improve the aesthetic appearance, functionality, comfort and style of interiors, working closely with our clients, both individuals and professionals, to meet their needs and preferences. To do this, we employ or collaborate with architects and interior designers, decorators, kitchen layout specialists, technical study offices, project management experts, specialized craftsmen.

We love beauty, follow trends, visit trade shows, admire great contemporary designers. But we believe that you also need to get your hands dirty when necessary. Our architects are familiar with many essential technical data for their work. They take into account elements such as insulation, heating systems, structure study, technical ducts, ventilation, technical screeds, as well as a deep knowledge of materials and equipment. They are very attentive to the various regulations: fire safety, accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PMR). The coordination of the safety and health protection (SPS) aspects is a priority, as is the management of administrative procedures: building permit application, prior work notice, etc.

Our latest projects

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All the trades together to design your spaces

New or renovation, we offer you a project manager responsible and coordinator of a complete team (design office, layout, furniture, decoration, work follow-up). With this coordinated and efficient approach, you put all the chances on your side to obtain a final result of quality and tailor-made.

A unique project management has 5 advantages:

  1. A global, coherent, aesthetic and functional vision of the project, with access to centralized information at any time.
  2. Smooth communication between all stakeholders involved, to drastically reduce the risks of misunderstandings and delays.
  3. The optimization of available resources, to minimize waste and unnecessary expenses.
  4. The management of each step, so that it is completed within the deadlines, which contributes to the respect of the project schedule.
  5. The risk assessment, through regular monitoring and the implementation of appropriate measures to ensure compliance with estimates and deadlines.

Customer feedback

“I think their work is generally excellent. They are responsive, accurate, and very thorough.”

A. Pallier, Higalik Hôtel****, Les Ménuires (73).

“From the first meeting, the method and the way of proceeding were clear. There was a real exchange…”

J.C. Vallée, Les Chalets de Tueda, Méribel (73).

“The result exceeded our expectations: a unique property, perfectly proportioned volumes and rooms, an atmosphere that resembles us…”

Julie and Cédric, prestige apartment, Les Arcs 1750 (73).

“They have shown a great ability to listen and adapt to budget constraints, construction sites and deadlines.”

Patrick Jacollin, Résidence de tourisme Le Cœur des Loges, Les Ménuires

“From the first sketches, the agency was able to translate and materialize my ideas… I let them have free rein with their suggestions of materials and equipment, and I had nothing but praise for them!”

Joris Bernard-Lathoux, Restaurant Le Bistrot du Brick House, Chambéry (73).

“We live in England and have communicated mainly by email and occasional visits. Today we are delighted with our chalet. It is beautiful, inside and out… We highly recommend Agence Amevet!”

Transformation of an old barn into a contemporary chalet, Vallée des Belleville (73).

Everything you need to know about interior design

What types of landscaping does Amevet do?

Chalets, houses, apartments, hotels, tourist residences, stores, offices, concept stores, restaurants (including kitchens)… We intervene in all spaces where people spend time on a daily basis, on vacation, during working hours… We bring them back to life (in the case of renovation), as much as we bring them functionalities.

Why choose an interior design company?

When you call on Agence Amevet, you’re assured of the support of professionals trained to understand your needs and preferences. We can propose creative and functional solutions that maximize the use of space and enhance its aesthetics, within the framework of a fully customized design. We also offer comprehensive project management solutions, access to our networks of companies, layout specialists, craftsmen for the work or furniture manufacturers. Our quotes are detailed and our remuneration transparent. You save time and energy, and can be sure that the project will be managed efficiently. You improve your quality of life or work and optimize the value of your property!

How to choose the right interior renovation company?

Above all, select a company with a proven track record! We showcase our references on our website and social networks, including Pinterest. We collect and publish glowing testimonials from our customers. We’re proud to show you our achievements, explain our methods, tell you about our team, tell the story of our agency.

How to create a cottage atmosphere?

The creation of a cottage atmosphere can also involve a house, an apartment or the renovation of an old farmhouse. In every case, there are essential elements that must be carefully considered: colors, materials and textiles, warm lighting, distinctive architectural elements (beams, fireplaces, floors), typical decorative objects…

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