Mountain chalet decoration and furnishings

For many years, Agence Amevet has been recognized as an expert in interior design for mountain chalets. This includes the design of their decoration and furnishings. The decor, predominantly authentic and/or contemporary, sets the overall mood. The choice of furnishings, most often robust and made from natural materials, designed to blend in with the aesthetics of the mountain environment, also plays a part.

Furnish your chalet with taste and harmony

Custom furnishing a mountain chalet means creating and designing furniture specially adapted to the dimensions, style and specific needs of the chalet. Rather than buying “prefabricated” furniture in stores, the made-to-measure option creates unique pieces that fit perfectly into the space and meet the owner’s requirements. Agence Amevet knows how to respond to this type of request and works with designers, cabinet-makers and other craftsmen specialized in made-to-measure.

The benefits of custom-made furniture:

  • Adaptation to the space. Even in the most complicated corners and nooks, custom-made furniture fits perfectly.
  • Choice of a personalized style. You can create a unique interior that stands out from the standardized options.
  • Quality and durability. Custom-made furniture is made with attention to detail and the quality of the materials used.
  • Optimization of storage. You can add built-in cabinets, custom shelves, or beds with built-in storage drawers.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the limited space in a chalet and create a functional and comfortable interior.

  • Choose multifunctional furniture: A sofa bed or a pull-out bed in the living room can serve as an extra sleeping space for guests, a table with built-in storage drawers and benches with storage space under the seat…
  • Use the walls: Wall shelves, floating shelves, tall cabinets… Hooks and wall bars can be used to hang kitchen utensils, clothes, outdoor equipment…
  • Arrange the nooks: to create custom storage, such as built-in cabinets, libraries or decorative niches.
  • Think carefully about lighting: The good use of natural light can give the illusion of a larger space. Distribute the light sources well, to eliminate dark corners and create a welcoming environment.
  • Colors and mirrors: Light and neutral colors for the walls and floors visually enlarge the space, while well-placed mirrors give an impression of openness and depth.
  • Minimalism: Limit decorative objects and bulky furniture to avoid visual overload and to let energy and light flow.

The interior designers at Amevet will tell you that the atmosphere and overall image are linked to key criteria.

  • The use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal, for flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture.
  • Fireplace and wood-burning stoves provide not only warmth, but also a touch of coziness and rustic charm.
  • Earth tones, such as shades of brown, ochre, red, and green, for walls, textiles, and accessories, evoke the surrounding nature and create a warm atmosphere.
  • Soft and comfortable textiles for curtains, cushions, rugs, and blankets, such as natural materials, such as wool, linen, and cotton, provide warmth and comfort.
  • Dimmed and soft lighting, with table lamps, floor lamps, candles, or string lights, fabric shades, create a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Authentic decorations evoke the mountain and local atmosphere. Sheepskins, cowhide rugs, wicker baskets, and wooden sculptures add a touch of authenticity.

If your chalet offers a view of the mountains, forests, or surrounding landscapes, maximize this view by using large windows, bay windows, and French doors.

  • Install comfortable seating, soft blankets, and lighting on the terraces and balconies.

Our latest mountain chalet furnishing projects

Agence Amevet works with chalet owners in two ways. Directly with French and foreign customers, who have clearly understood the advantages of delegating this mission to interior design professionals with extensive experience in space optimization. Indirectly, through developers and builders who recommend us to their customers.

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Amevet helps you choose your furniture

Amevet Agency offers the most comprehensive range of services.

  • We create an overall concept for the interior design of your chalet, which allows us to define the furniture style that corresponds to this image.
  • In close collaboration with you, we choose the furniture that is adapted to your property. We recommend brands that are renowned for the quality of their furniture.
  • If you are looking for unique and custom-made pieces, we find them, or we have them made by artisans and furniture manufacturers.
  • We help you to plan the furniture layout, taking into account ergonomics, circulation and the use of space.
  • We can organize the purchase of each piece of furniture and accessories that you will pay directly and at the catalogue price. We are paid on a fee basis, in full transparency.
  • We manage the logistics and coordination of the delivery and its installation in your chalet.

All your decorating and furnishing needs

Agence Amevet distinguishes between two types of mountain chalet decor and furnishings: authentic mountain style and contemporary style. From this starting point, any combination is possible to personalize your property.


Here are some ideas for furniture for a mountain chalet. Agence Amevet can help you choose, buy, and install furniture to fit your project.

  • At least one spacious and comfortable sofa where you can curl up after a day outdoors.
  • Vintage or patinated leather armchairs for relaxing and reading by the fireplace.
  • Solid wood tables, coffee tables, dining tables, or side tables, to bring a natural and robust context.
  • Solid wood sideboards and dressers for storing dishes, cutlery, table linens…
  • Solid wood or wrought iron beds with carved or detailed headboards, for starry nights.
  • Natural wood shelves to accommodate books, decorative objects, and elements that reflect your passion for the mountains.
  • Wooden benches to make it easier to take off your shoes in or to sit in the dining room.
  • Rattan or wicker furniture, such as hanging chairs or armchairs, used in indoor or outdoor relaxation spaces.


Here are some tips from Agence Amevet:

  • Maximize the use of natural light by letting as much light as possible in through the windows.
  • Do not hesitate to use dimmers to control the brightness and vary the atmospheres.
  • Use pendant lights to illuminate the key areas of your chalet, such as the dining room or living room.
  • Place table lamps on tables and each piece of furniture that lends itself to it, so as to add additional lighting and create a warm atmosphere.
  • Wall sconces, practical and aesthetic, can be used to illuminate hallways, stairs, or reading areas.
  • Floor lamps are perfect for providing additional general lighting in larger living spaces. Place them near relaxation areas or reading corners to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Recessed lighting, used to discreetly illuminate ceilings, beams, or specific areas, creates ambient lighting and highlights architectural elements.
  • Candles and lanterns, on tables, windowsills, or fireplaces, dispense soft and subdued lighting.


The Agence Amevet team has no shortage of ideas to bring newness to the decoration of a mountain chalet.

  • Traditionally, mountain chalets are associated with warm and neutral colors. The use of bold colors brings a touch of modernity while maintaining the warm atmosphere.
  • The combination of raw wood surfaces with metal, glass, or concrete adds a contemporary, or even industrial, dimension.
  • The integration of natural elements, stones, animal skins, tree branches, indoor plants, allows to obtain a calming organic atmosphere.
  • The combination of soft and fluffy fabrics with rough surfaces or textured materials creates an interesting tactile contrast.
  • Local or artisanal works of art, paintings, sculptures, hand-woven carpets, ceramics, give a unique and authentic touch.

A range of furniture from the best-known brands

How Agence Amevet selects furniture for chalets? 

  • By starting by meeting its client to understand their needs, their preferences in terms of style, functionality, budget and planning.  
  • In parallel, we perform a detailed analysis of the available space: room dimensions, architectural constraints, openings, unique features of the space.
  • We imagine a global concept that illustrates a proposal of style, color palettes, materials and textures.
  • We conduct an in-depth search to find the pieces that match the established concept. We use our network of manufacturers to the fullest, while examining all other sources.  
  • We then prepare a presentation of the selected furniture options, including moodboards, fabric and material samples, reference images, sketches…

Styles and ambiances to suit all tastes

If you’re more of a cocooner, a fan of a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, you’ll appreciate our take on the Scandinavian style known as “hygge”.

If the word “cozy” is more to your taste, we’ve got a whole range of creations to show you. Soft textiles and lighting, warm colors, plush cushions and blankets, inviting decorative elements all promote intimacy and well-being.

Want to combine traditional Alpine aesthetics with contemporary elements to create a modern ambience in your mountain chalet? By combining natural elements such as wood and stone with clean lines and minimalist finishes, we create elegant, contemporary atmospheres.

In a mountain chalet, a rustic ambience evokes a return to nature. Raw wood elements such as exposed beams, wooden floors and sturdy furniture are key features that we handle with pleasure and dexterity. A more committed variant: the timeless solid wood ambience, which for many evokes the timeless mountain chalet forever.


How to furnish your cottage?

Furnishing a mountain chalet combines the design of a warm, authentic atmosphere with the optimization of available space. Agence Amevet will guide you through this challenge. To keep things simple and sober, choose solid wood furniture, such as beds with carved headboards. Add rustic wooden cupboards and shelves for storage. Choose comfortable sofas and armchairs with hard-wearing fabrics and nature-inspired patterns. A solid wood dining table, with matching benches, will create a convivial atmosphere. Wooden shelves or chests provide additional storage solutions. Accessories such as sheepskin rugs and wooden lamps add the finishing touch.

What curtain to use in a chalet?

  • Linen or cotton: Choose them light and natural, to let the outside light in while preserving privacy.
  • Jute canvas adds a rustic and natural touch to the interior of the chalet.
  • Timeless, mountain-themed curtains, flowers and forest animals, tiles and stripes…
  • For bedrooms, or spaces where you want to block out the outside light and improve thermal insulation, opt for thick velvet or wool curtains.

How to create a chalet look?

Here are some ideas to give a mountain chalet style to a house.

  • The use of natural materials: wood, stone, wrought iron, for flooring, walls, exposed beams, fireplaces, etc.
  • The use of warm colors. Earthy tones, brown, beige, brick red, dark green evoke nature and reinforce the mountain aspect.
  • The choice of solid wood furniture. Pine, oak, beech give sturdy furniture, with carved details or rustic finishes.
  • The addition of natural textiles. Wool, linen or cotton, used in curtains, blankets, rugs add to the comfort of your chalet.
  • Typical decorative items, such as trophies, animal skins, wrought iron lanterns, vintage skis or snowshoes, if used wisely, reinforce the mountain atmosphere.
  • The presence of a fireplace or wood-burning stove, surrounded by a cozy corner.
  • The play of lighting. Wood, metal or wrought iron light fixtures produce a subdued and warm atmosphere.

How to decorate the interior of a chalet?

Instead of repeating elements already mentioned, Agence Amevet warns you against bad taste in this matter.

  • The overload of themes in the decoration. For example, mixing too many different patterns, decorative elements from various mountain regions, or objects that are not consistent with the general style of the chalet.
  • The abuse of “kitsch” objects. It is better to stay sober and choose authentic elements.
  • The excessive use of bright and garish colors disrupts the warm and natural atmosphere.
  • An excess of modern and contemporary furniture can create an unpleasant contrast with the rustic and natural aesthetics of a mountain chalet.
  • Too bright, cold or poorly positioned lighting can damage the warm atmosphere you are looking for.

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