Our furniture and fittings expertise

For Agence Amevet, furniture is at the heart of the interior designer’s expertise. This includes selection, order management and furniture layout, as well as layout, which involves the manufacture and commissioning of made-to-measure elements to enhance the design and comfort of certain spaces that are more complex to optimize. To carry out this mission in all its aesthetic, economic and logistical aspects, our team is made up of four trade experts with proven experience.

Some of our achievements

Since its creation in 1997, Agence Amevet has been at the service of private individuals and professionals alike, helping them to furnish, decorate and equip their new or refurbished real estate projects. Our many references are both reassuring and inspiring: chalets, houses, apartments, hotels, tourist residences, stores, offices and workspaces…

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Why use Agence Amevet’s furniture and fittings services?

Agence Amevet is one of the few agencies to bring together, under the same roof, specific and complementary professions: interior designers and furniture and decoration experts in particular. What better way to ensure the coherence and aesthetic appeal of your project, from start to finish?

Because furniture is a profession!

Choosing, proposing, quoting, ordering, delivering deliver and install furniture and decorative objects. a PROFESSION! Agence Amevet does it every day, and can prove it by by showing its creations, or by having its customers, both private and and professional customers.

For Agence Amevet, selecting and installing furniture is a natural extension of their profession. Basically, the interior designer acts as a design office, analyzing the existing or the project to be built, conceiving the overall image, optimizing the layout of the various spaces, creating zones dedicated to relaxation, work, leisure, organizing flows between rooms… He then chooses the materials and equipment: floors, ceilings, walls, staircases, doors, windows, lighting solutions and selection of suitable fixtures… Then comes the decoration, with the choice of color palettes, fabrics, textures… The interior designer then suggests accessories: pictures, rugs, curtains, decorative objects…

Furniture is the logical conclusion to this well-organized process, with the research, selection and installation of furniture adapted to the style and functionality of each room, taking into account the available space and the needs of the occupants.

Because furniture adds value to your property!

Are you a professional? A well-executed showroom or show apartment and your sales take off.

Are you a private individual? A well-furnished, well-decorated apartment rents for more, secures the loyalty of good tenants and encourages word-of-mouth… And if you want to sell, don’t forget that, for the buyer, the first impression is often the right one!

Because we offer a complete service!

With Agence Amevet, choose involvement and avoid complications! Furniture, bedding, lighting, sanitary accessories, household appliances, home decor, etc. Can you imagine choosing, negotiating, buying, delivering, receiving, installing, fitting and fitting it all? Choose our services instead!

Agence Amevet is in constant contact with you. Do you live far away, perhaps abroad? Are you constantly on the move? We’re on hand to organize and control every step, and to follow up remotely if you wish. No stress, no unnecessary travel!

Our after-sales service protects you from unpleasant surprises. A quality problem, a damaged piece of furniture, a broken accessory, a product that needs replacing? That’s Agence Amevet’s problem, not yours. What our customers say: “It’s really nice not to have to deal with broken chairs!

Because we guarantee total financial transparency!

Whatever the service, Agence Amevet guarantees you a transparent method of payment. You always know what you’re paying and why. In the specific field of furniture and decorative objects, you pay our services in fees and you buy furniture and decorative objects at list price.

Agence Amevet’s expertise in furnishings and fittings

The creation of an overall interior design concept allows us to define the furnishing style that corresponds to this image. Whether you’re an individual or a professional, we’ll work closely with you to select the right furniture from quality brands. If you’re looking for unique, made-to-measure pieces, we’ll find them or have them made by craftsmen and furniture manufacturers. For spaces that are more complex to optimize, or that are designed to accommodate storage elements (cupboards, dressing rooms, bookcases, etc.), we offer suitable interior joinery solutions. We help you plan the furniture layout, taking into account ergonomics, circulation, space utilization, etc. The rest is a matter of logistics and service: taking measurements, ordering, checking deliveries on site, assembly and installation, disposal of packaging, etc.

A constant watch

With Agence Amevet’s interior designers and furniture experts, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the world of furniture and decoration! Thanks to their constant watch, their frequent attendance at trade shows and their ever-awakening curiosity, our experts see far ahead. With them, you won’t miss a single train, fad or trend.

A proven method to help you choose

Agence Amevet offers a “funnel” method to help you choose your furniture and home furnishings. This method, which we adapt to the specific needs of both private individuals and professionals, can be based on the creation of thematic “packs”, designed to fuel concrete exchanges between you and us. So, little by little, with the advice of our experts, you put together your interior, avoiding the risk of the “little miss”: the one that only shows up at the end, when everything’s in place.

From standard to made-to-measure

There are many advantages to creating unique pieces:

  • Adaptability to space. Even in complicated nooks and crannies, made-to-measure furniture fits perfectly.
  • Personalized style. You can create a unique interior that stands out from standardized options.
  • Quality and durability. Made-to-measure furniture is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. 
  • Optimized storage. You can add built-in cabinets, custom shelving or beds with integrated storage drawers.
  • To meet this kind of demand, Agence Amevet works with designers, cabinetmakers and other craftsmen specializing in made-to-measure.

A complete and committed team, with dedicated “furniture” experts

Agence Amevet relies on a complete team in all positions, covering every stage of an interior design project, from new build to renovation, in the mountains or in the city, serving private clients (chalets, houses, apartments) as well as businesses (hotels, restaurants, offices). In this context, furniture has become one of our agency’s most important departments.
With a permanent staff of around ten, our team can easily be reinforced by freelance professionals loyal to our agency. This enables us to take on small projects as well as large-scale challenges.
We are resolutely committed to continuous progress in our knowledge of bio-based materials, sober and environmentally-friendly solutions, and the selection of innovative and committed service providers. We are also committed to learning new, more sustainable and responsible landscaping methods.

Mountain experience and mountain projects

The mountains are a necessarily complicated environment, where the demands of the seasonal calendar are non-negotiable! Your chalet if you’re an individual, your hotel if you’re a professional, must be ready on D-day. Since it was founded in 1997, Agence Amevet has been involved in a wide range of new-build and renovation projects in the resorts of Savoie, Haute-Savoie and the Southern Alps: chalets, apartments, hotels, tourist residences, restaurants, leisure facilities…

Agence Amevet’s areas of expertise in furnishings and fittings

Chalets, houses, apartments for individuals… Hotels, tourist residences, restaurants, concept stores and stores, leisure facilities, property developments… Agence Amevet can show you its references in furnishings and fittings in all these fields. What do all these projects have in common? Listening, dialogue and the quest for design, quality, functionality and comfort!

Furniture for mountain chalets

For many years, we have been recognized as experts in interior design for mountain chalets. This includes the design of their decoration and furnishings.

The decor, predominantly authentic and/or contemporary, sets the overall mood. The choice of furnishings, most often robust and made from natural materials, designed to blend in with the aesthetics and environment of the mountains, also plays a part.

In the chalet world, wood reigns supreme and comfort is king. Wrap yourself in cozy sofas and plush armchairs. Embellish with wool or faux fur plaids and cushions for a cosy ambience. Think practical with clever storage elements: shelves, drawers, cupboards. Add a central coffee table with patina finishes for an extra touch of charm. Don’t forget comfortable textiles: thick curtains in natural fabrics, soft, thick rugs, cushions and plaids in wool or faux fur. Nature-inspired patterns, such as checks or animals, will add a mountain touch to the ensemble.

Furniture for hotels and tourist residences

Agence Amevet offers a complete service to owners and developers of hotels and tourist residences. Our attentive monitoring of tourism trends and our presence in resorts enable us to keep abreast of market innovations. Our design office handles all hotel-related issues with expertise, in harmony with the marketing orientations defined by the project owner.
Our furniture experts extend the coherence and aesthetics of the overall image as far as possible. We create welcoming, functional spaces, with well-designed sofas, chairs, coffee tables and reception counters, as well as displays, luggage racks and information panels.
In the bedrooms, we focus on optimum comfort with quality beds, bedside tables, desks, chairs, wardrobes and appropriate lighting, as well as comforters, pillows and sheets that are soft and pleasant to the touch.
Communal areas (lounges, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms) are designed to promote conviviality and relaxation, with sofas, armchairs, dining tables, bar stools and chairs adapted to each space. The layout must allow for easy movement while creating distinct zones for different activities.

In tourist residences with kitchens or kitchenettes, we go as far as providing the necessary equipment such as refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, utensils, cutlery and quality crockery, taking into account durability, maintenance and safety standards.

Funiture for restaurants and other venues

Contemporary, traditional, vintage: to give your restaurant a unique identity, we often use custom-made furniture and decoration. They confer exclusivity, help you stand out from the competition, and provide that little detail that customers remember. These can include customized banquettes, unique lighting fixtures, specially designed tables, or anything else that adds a distinctive, memorable touch.

For other venues, such as retail or leisure facilities, furniture is designed to add power to your brand. It can incorporate visual elements that reflect your company’s values and image: logo, color code, design elements. It is also designed to blend into the flow of traffic, adapting to the smallest nooks and crannies. Ergonomic seating and tables at the right height enhance the customer experience.

Our special furniture service for developers

At the request of several developers and builders, we have developed a service that complements their services. Instead of delivering apartments with bare rooms, they propose, in collaboration with Agence Amevet, standard layouts, including furniture, decoration, fixtures and fittings. Once they have established contact with their customers, these layouts can evolve to become completely “made-to-measure”.

This service can be extended to include show apartments, show rooms, etc. To find out more, please contact us directly.

FAQ about furnishings and fittings

Fit-out, layout, furnishings: what exactly do these 3 words mean?

Fitting out refers to the overall organization and planning of the interior space of a property. Its main aim is to optimize the use of space, improve functionality and create harmonious circulation.
Layout focuses on the way in which specific elements are arranged and organized within the pre-designed space. It includes interior joinery work to create tailor-made elements to optimize complex spaces or create storage modules, such as cupboards, dressing rooms, bookcases, etc.
Furnishing means selecting and installing traditional elements such as tables, chairs and sofas. These may be available on the market, made-to-measure, or even “found”. More and more often, it also means choosing decorative objects, proposing household appliances, and installing home automation and multimedia equipment.

Why entrust Agence Amevet, interior designers, with the furnishing of my chalet, house or apartment?

To be sure of the overall coherence of my project!
To optimize all spaces and circulation. To obtain made-to-measure furniture and fittings.
And last but not least, to avoid having to negotiate, buy, deliver, take delivery of, install, assemble, fit and dispose of packaging…

If I'm a professional, why should I use Agence Amevet to furnish my restaurant, store, hotel or tourist residence?

Because your sales are at stake! Interior design and the resulting choice of furniture have a major impact on your business.
Physical impact, with the fluidity of circulation: for staff at work, but also for customers (merchandising).
Experiential impact, as furniture is linked to visual and ergonomic comfort, and therefore to the success of the customer experience.
Finally, it has a psychological impact, by affirming your identity. A strong brand is a brand aligned in all its components and representations!

If I'm a developer, what's the point of offering Agence Amevet's furnishing solutions to my buyers?

Of course, you can sell and deliver “bare” apartments. But you can also choose to offer “furniture” solutions to your customers: a way of providing them with a valuable additional service in the form of a catalog. We’ve developed a method based on complete thematic “packs” that can be adapted to suit specific needs.

This service can be extended to include show apartments, show rooms, etc. All of which can help you sell better and faster!