The scope and quality of the project, the constraints and challenges of the specifications, the Higalik Hôtel**** project, in Les Ménuires (73), embodies the maturity of Agence Amevet’s expertise in top-of-the-range interior architecture, particularly in hotels and tourist residences.

In 2022, Agence Amevet designed the interior architecture, as well as selecting, designing, manufacturing and installing the furniture for the Hôtel Higalik**** in Les Ménuires, Savoie. The agency is well acquainted with this major 3 Vallées resort, having already built a tourist residence there: Le Cœur des Loges. A few kilometres away, it has also renovated several top-of-the-range chalets in the village of Saint-Martin de Belleville. Also in the 3 Vallées, in Méribel and La Tania, Agence Amevet is involved in premium programmes and projects such as Les Chalets de Tueda, in Méribel Mottaret, described by its owner as “luxury in its raw state”.

Ambiences and choosing furniture

A top-of-the-range 4-star establishment, Hotel Higalik is magnificently integrated into its mountain setting, appearing as a succession of small chalets following the slope, which is very steep in this area. Its communal areas and 103 rooms – 24 double rooms, 24 triple rooms, 50 family rooms and 5 suites for 6 or 7 people – are spread over 10 floors.

It was against this backdrop of architectural complexity, typical of high-rise buildings, that Agence Amevet was commissioned by the developer COGECO and Marc Goutille, and by the operator Anthony Pallier (APARTNERS CAPITAL), to design all the hotel’s interior spaces accessible to the public, as well as all the hotel’s furnishings.

Spaces to be fitted out and furnished

Agence Amevet’s work covered the following areas:

  • The reception area, extended by two lounges, a large breakfast room for the hotel’s 400 guests, a central bar and a kitchen.
  • Three seminar rooms with different atmospheres and capacities. Seminar room n°1: 10 / 15 people. N°2: 25 / 30 people. N°3: 100 to 120 people. This last room can also accommodate weddings and family celebrations.
  • The corridors on the 10 levels of the establishment.
  • Men’s and women’s washrooms.
  • A children’s room.
  • A “wellness” area, where a relaxation zone with a herbal tea room complements 3 treatment rooms, including a double room accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • A wellness area with a swimming pool and outdoor terrace, a steam room and a sauna overlooking the pool. The pool, designed to enhance the view of the mountain outside, combines water, stone and fire (it has its own fireplace).
  • The 103 rooms, including 5 suites

Two interior designers and a furniture and decorative objects expert

Agence Amevet called on three of its professionals for this ambitious project: two interior designers, Élodie and Lucille, and a furniture expert, Cyril.

When Élodie was asked what inspired her to define the design and general atmosphere of this 4-star hotel, which is aimed at a wealthy tourist clientele, she replied that it was first and foremost the history of the resort of Les Ménuires. “The name Ménuires comes from the old coal mines in the Vallée des Belleville, which were exploited by the inhabitants of the various villages, including Les Menuires”.

Ski racing is also in the DNA of Les Ménuires. It was here, for example, that the men’s slalom at the Albertville Olympics was run. Black lead and white gold, this contrast inspires the interior architecture of the Hôtel Higalik****

Noble and raw materials for a mountain atmosphere

In 2022, when Élodie, Lucille and Cyril put all these ingredients into the shaker of their creativity, mixing them with the specific demands of the client, who wanted typical mountain codes, the result was a subtle blend of noble materials (thick fabrics, gold inserts) and raw materials (stone, metal, wood). With its wooden battens, beams and aged parquet floors, as well as the theatricality of the dark spaces lit by the fireplaces, it is easy to recognise the inspiration of the mine. You can feel that special comfort and envelopment that arises when light and warmth triumph over the darkness and icy cold outside.

The contrast of materials and colours is a hymn to the surrounding mountains, beautiful and uncompromising at the same time,” explains Élodie. Metal and stone surround a precious fire on either side of the reception area. The black and wood tones are deliberately contrasted with shimmering fabrics for a cocooning, chic and elegant look. The softness exuded by the shapes of the furniture invites relaxation and serenity. The aged parquet floor is a reminder of the wear and tear of time, while the curiosity cabinet-style bookcase recalls the history of the place. The thick, warm fabrics are enhanced by the contrasting colours.

Reception desk, bar and lounges: a work full of contrasts

The reception desk is a stack of squared beams salvaged from sawmills. It is lit by Knot suspended lights from Brokis. A rope running through the centre of a globe of smoked glass highlights the contrast between the two materials: the soft curves of smoked blown glass contrast with the austerity of a taut rope cable.

Near the reception area, the black and gold bar is a central circle designed to bring people together and develop a spirit of conviviality. A glass panel with a mirror at the top reflects the glasses and bottles, arranged as if at a show. Because interior design is also about optimising space and costs, this bar serves 400 customers at the morning buffet breakfasts. Acoustic work on the ceilings has prevented these large spaces from resonating too loudly.

Two lounges welcome customers, with a mix of seat shapes so that everyone can find an armchair to suit them. The softness emanating from the shapes of the furniture, the skins, leathers, furs and thick, warm fabrics enhanced by the contrasting colours, invite relaxation and serenity.

89 configurations for 103 rooms

The rooms, most of which have a lounge, were designed with families in mind, as they can accommodate up to 5 people. The 5 suites have fireplaces, bookshelves, special entertainment in the lounges, top-of-the-range furniture, etc…

When Cyril talks about the challenges faced by Agence Amevet when it comes to furniture, he immediately mentions the bedrooms. “The furniture is sober and simple, but it wasn’t easy to implement. Out of 103 rooms, there were 89 different designs, lots of sloping ceilings, special cases under the roof… We had to find a range that could be adapted. Normally, you just come and install the furniture! In this case, we needed constant guidance from the agency. In the end, we managed to keep within the client’s budget, while finding solutions to preserve the image and amplify the volumes.

Specially designed, conceived and manufactured furniture and objects

All the furniture and electrical fittings in the rooms were designed, conceived and manufactured specially for the Hôtel Higalik: bench in the entrance hall with coat hooks, mirror, suitcase rack, wall lights, hanging lamps, ceiling light, minibar, desk, coffee tables, TV cabinet, wooden headboards, wardrobe, bedside tables, etc…

And to conclude, let’s leave the last word to the operator, Anthony Pallier: ” My overall assessment of Agence Amevet’s work is excellent. They were very responsive, precise and complete, with very good site supervision. With them it’s smooth and easy. Very professional, very well managed !


Hôtel Higalik


Les Ménuires, en Savoie (73)


16 May 2023


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