In August 2018, Agence Amevet moved into a new building, “THE BRICK HOUSE”, located near the “Phare” arena complex in a rising district in Chambery essentially dedicated to business.
While setting up office in this building Pierre-François Amevet entered into collaboration with Joris Bernard-Lathoud, a young restaurateur wishing to start up on his own.

Like Agence Amevet, Joris Bernard-Lathoud was attracted by the building’s striking identity, its walls faced with New-York style red bricks. It was the ideal place for bringing to life a project he held dear: following in the footsteps of his forbears, who ran a bistro in Chambery in another epoch.
The choice was obvious—forming a link between his family history, the location, and the longing to create a project—and the BBH or Bistrot Brick House was born!

This project provided Agence Amevet’s interior architects with a wonderful clean sheet to work on, their objective being to arrange an empty shell into a warm, friendly, contemporary locale ideal for showcasing Joris Bernard-Lathoud’s approach to restauranteering, with the accent on wholesome local and regional produce.
Our interior architects thus set out, first to structure the volumes: some areas take shape thanks to a raised floor, metal structures, a long bench sofa backing onto custom furniture resembling old craftwork units. Customers can move between these areas very freely, giving them an impression of comfort and the feeling they’ve been given the best place in the whole restaurant.

Another strong statement in the organization of these spaces is the bar. Stretching between the two kitchen accesses (in/out), it plays a “technical” role in the organization of table service. But it also contributes to good cheer in the establishment. Custom designed, with a metal overhead structure, it highlights an amazing choice of bottled wine and champagne.
For the decoration and styling, our interior architects chose to echo the exterior brickwork and couple it with old wood and metal. The lights are styled with attractive fittings and shades and the acoustics are given special attention, with specific tiles, some of them metal, interrupting the uniformity of the ceiling covering.

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bistrot brick house: Restaurant in Chambery


Création du Bistrot du Brick House


Chambéry, Savoie (73)


23 November 2018