With several shops already operating, La Panière wanted to update its style without disrupting the image it had spent several years constructing.

Based on this brief, Agence Amevet’s interior architects created a concept that could be adapted to the layout of new sales outlets or to the renovation of existing units:

  • Organization of the sales space and pedestrian movements
  • Organization of the staff area and workplace ergonomics
  • Specific lighting work
  • Creation of furniture, integration of refrigerated display units and other technical equipment.
  • Creation of a new visual identity through a choice of colours and materials
  • Assistance in developing the signage


Website: www.lapaniere.fr



Pascal Cantenot, CEO of La Panière, a chain of 35 shops (bakery, cakes, soft pastries, cookies, snacks) located mainly in Savoie and Haute-Savoie.


“At La Panière, we bank on quality: the quality of our products, quality of our welcome, and of course, quality of our sales outlets. Shops that are light, with a pleasant, practical layout and fittings, put our customers in the best possible mood for buying. They also contribute to the well-being of our staff and impel them to always surpass themselves. The stakes are therefore considerable! The aim is not to just replicate a “concept store”, identical across every branch, but to optimize areas that are different in every case, to adapt to catchment areas that all feature their own peculiarity, to push certain product categories more or less than others. The shops might not be completely bespoke but they are still a long way from out-of-the-box. That’s where Pierre-François Amevet and his team come in. They know how to listen, reformulate, input new ideas, manage projects, and—the crux of the matter—translate our intentions to reality. We are highly satisfied with this ongoing collaboration. »


Création d’un concept magasin (boulangerie – pâtisserie – sandwicherie)


Savoie, Haute-Savoie


2 June 2017