Renovation of Hotel La Vanoise 1825 – Brides-les-Bains

Agence Amevet carried out the renovation of Hotel La Vanoise in Brides-les-Bains: total renovation of twenty rooms and reception, designed by our interior architects; with the on-site work coordinated by our teams and taking only 3 months.

This project was born out of the owner’s determination to accompany the renewal of Brides-les-Bains thermal spa, thereby giving their establishment new impetus.

Our interior architects’ brief was on a theme the owners held dear, “la femme élégante”—the elegant woman—a nod to the resort’s history, which furthermore inspired the hotel’s renaming to “La Vanoise 1825”.

This historic date recalls the origins of the resort, much favoured by celebrities of the fairer sex in the 1820s. Even in our days, the resort still attracts an essentially female clientele.  The refurbishment was thought out with these ladies in mind.

The bedrooms are decorated with the accent on colour, with hues of plum, deep purple, fuchsia, lilac, cream, taupe, Indian rose, and other gorgeous tones.

The materials used privilege softness thanks to the carpet and fabric choices.

The furniture, entirely custom made, features sleek, contemporary lines.

Each bedroom is decorated with artistic photos of famous or even anonymous women, appealing not just for their beauty but also for the look in their eyes and the stories we imagine behind them.

The reception area has been laid out with a simple desk and chair to enhance the friendly feeling. The furniture unit between the reception area and the bedroom access contains recesses where objects and beauty care products can be displayed to good effect. To set this furniture off, it is adorned by a frieze of period fashion sketches.

Continuing on from this renovation, Agence Amevet assisted the project owner with a new visual identity for the hotel and the design of a logo that harks back to the 1930s.

This refurbishment has given the hotel a boost in the ratings, rising from two stars before the works to three stars after.


Rénovation d'un hôtel 3 étoiles


Brides-les-Bains - Savoie


16 July 2018


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Agence Amevet, Architecte d’intérieur Hôtel Savoie